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The Pinkside
SNSD smut, written in BUS400
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18th-Jun-2010 05:36 pm - Hi!
Yoona Gangnam style
Ok, if you're reading this right now, it means your pretty perverted eh?

The purpose of this journal is for me to post SNSD's smutty fanfics that I wrote in class [BUS400], because well it's obviously perfectly normal to write sex scenes in class.

95% of the stories in this LJ is going to be smut and more smut... if it was appropriate, then I would have posted it at SSF rather than here.

Now before we get started, I'll post a couple of rules - well not so much rules, more like warnings.

1. Smut is like watching porn... does anyone even pay attention to any of the story line? Because 90% of these stories, will not have any sort of story line.
2. I may do some SNSD x male smut... who knows, I'll warn you before hand though.
3. There is going to be a lot of bondage... lots and lots of it (fetish.. sorry)

Lastly, I have a 'f'ed up ratings' for my stories. Out of 5, from 0 being just normal to 5, where the stories may or may not scar you for life. Because my imagination is so big. :D~
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